About us

Arizuka means “anthill” in Japanese and is edited by our company, Treize37, based in Paris, France. We realise web sites and applications for the public, like Arizuka, as well as clients. We also provide crowdfunding solutions. Please consult our corporate site for more information.

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Treize37 advocates for the use of open standards and technologies on the web. We develop our sites taking into account the latest developments in the field, as long as our users may benefit from them. For the curious or geeks, this means that we mainly use the following technologies for the realization of Arizuka: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL. Enjoy !

HTML5 Powered


Arizuka uses javascript code executed on your machine. They are mainly JQuery et JQuery UI scripts used for a better user experience, and some of them are provided by third-parties like Twitter, Facebook or Google.

If you want, you can deactivate all or part of these scripts through NoScript (for Firefox), available at the following page.