What is Arizuka ?

Arizuka is a crowdfunding platform. People can back a project financially. If the target amount is reached by the end of the gathering period, funds are credited to the project holder.

What kind of project can be financed on Arizuka ?

Any projects are welcome on Arizuka, associative, personal or entrepreneurial!

How do Arizuka make money ?

The website is paid by taking a 5% fee on the raised funds. For the paypal pledges, transaction fees are taken from the project holder too (3.4% + 0.25 euros per transaction).

What language should I use ? Is the audience only speaking French ?

Arizuka interface is now available in French anf English. However, if you wish to publish a project in another language, don’t hesitate to contact our support team in order that we discuss it!

Who can present a project on Arizuka ?

Everyone! your project may be associative, personal or entrepreneurial, there is no constraints in termes of juridical structure.


How can I back a project ?

In order to pledge a project, i.e authorize a debit for a project, you just have to click ont the "Back this project" button on the corresponding page. If you do not have any Arizuka yetn you will be asked to create one, then you will be redirected on our payment recipient.

How can I be sure of the of the quality of a Project ?

The risk due to the execution of a project is real ans indeed must be taken into account. We select the projects before any publication on our website, but we cannot garantee their realization when they are financed. Read carefully the project description you are about to pledge, and don’t hesitate to ask questions the Project holder on his project page.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can pledge ?

The minimum contribution is 1 euro or its equivalent in another currency. Maximum contribution is 1000 euros per projects.

When my pledge will they be charged ?

Pledges effectively are actually charged 3 days before the end of the collection period, if the minimum amount have been reached. Until that day, you may cancel your contribution. Messages are systematically sent to warn you that tour account will be charged (and when).If the minimum amount haven’t been reached, predges are automatically canceled.

May I cancel a pledge ?

Indeed, pledge cancellation is very simple to do, and may be done until 3 days before the end of the collection period

May I back a project from a foreign country ? (EU or outside EU)

Yes, you can back a project from any country.

Projet holders

How to present a project on Arizuka ?

In order to present a project on Arizuka, you just have to fill the project presentation form. If the initial description is compliant with our editorial line, the project will be validated and you will have to fill complementary informations like the list of the financial stages of the projects, the rewards etc. Once these informations are filled, the project will be validated by Arizuka team and automatically published on our website.

How much does it cost to create a project ?

Absolutely nothing; it is free. However, if the Project reaches the minimum amount set-up by the Project Holder please refer to Question "What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can pledge ?".

What are the conditions for a project to be accepted ?

To have a validated project, it must be able to reache an audience, community. It is this community which will help you to carry out the project.

How long should I wait for my project to be accepted ?

The approval period of a project is 7 working days maximum.

May I modify my project during the publication phase ?

At that stage, it is not passible to modify the project any more

May I modify my project during the validation sage ?

Yes, It is possible to modify your project during the validation phase in order to adjust some kinds of presentation elements like texts, photos, etc.).

Is it possible to edit the project once it is started or after the contribution period ?

Yes, some kind of information regarding a project may be modified once the collection time started, like the description or the rewards.However, the presentation time of the project and its funding stages cannot be modified once the project is validated.

May I change the end date of the project if its funding is about to fail ? May I propose my project again ?

It is not possible ti modify the presentation date of a project once validated by our team. If your project is not funded the first time, you may present it again on the platforme. It is then submitted to a new validation cycle, all the pledges collected the first time will be lost.

Can a project be created and presented from a foreign country (EU or outside EU) ?

Yes, it is possible to present a project from a foreign country.

What happened if a payment fail ?

If a debit authorization fails (out of date for exemple), the amount pledged is not payed to the project holder account.

May a project be multilingual?

Arizuka is only available in French and English. However, do not hesitate to contact our support team if your project has that kind of needs !

How to update my Project ?

On your profil, you will find a link to your drafted projects. this way, you can consult and edit them.

What content present for my project (video, text, links, etc.) ?

We recommend to present a multimedia content to the net surfers. Besides the presentation text, gove to your futur backers your biography, edit your foto on your profil account, add some illustrations presenting the project, and, if possible a video. Also, link your project page to the corresponding twitter and facebook accounts.

Are the rewards mandatory?

No, the rewards are not mandatory. However, your backers will be very grateful, once your project realised, that you make a gesture toward them!

How the projects are they scrolling on the Arizuka homepage ?

Projets are randomly presented on the Arizuka homepage. Each project has an equal chance to be pushed forward.

If a Project is fully funded before the end date, are the pledges paid to the Project Holder immediately ?

No, The pledges are only paid at the end of the collection period.

Can a project be funded beyond the amount asked by the Project Holder ?


When do I receive the rewards ?

Sending rewards is the responsibility of the Project Holder and transmission delays are at his discretion. Please remember that there is a risk on each project that the rewards will be given with delays, if not given at all.

If one stage amount is not achieved, may I collect the pledges ?

Each Project is presented with a collection target and a maturity date. (between 15 days and three months). Your Project can have up to 5 funding stages, and the sum of each stage is your target. At the end of the collection period, there is several possibilities : If no stages are completed, you will unfortunately collect nothing, and no charges will be taken by us. If, at the end of the collection periode, every stages are completed, the pledges are debited and we take our fees. If, by the end of the collection periode, some stages are completed, but not all of them, the pledges corresponding to the completed stages are effectively debited. At each stage level, the "all-or-nothing" rule is applied.