Qui sommes-nous ?

From operations to assistance : Arizuka’s team is on every front ! Discover the people behind the plateforme, those who are making the anthill of social innovation alive !
Fabrice Carrega, Chief executive officer
Ludovic Pelletier, Chief operating officer
“At the end of a game, the King and the Pawn return to the same box” Ludovic is in charge of Arizuka’s accounting and administration parts. This IT engineer ant is also to provide assistance to project leaders during the campagne. Arizuka’s independance and social impact are his everyday motivations and he hopes that one day, solidarity funding will be totally transparent, in order to be sure that money and donation are really used as the must be : where it is necessary. Outside the anthill, Ludovic is a big fan of his two ant-twins. As a master of beerology, he won’t be against sharing his art with you in front of a Paris Saint Germain football game.
Julien Lagache, Chief commercial officer
“To win without risk is to triumph without glory” Julien, an ex-financial consultant, swap his suit for antennas. He is in charge of Arizuka’s legal and commercial parts. He finds his motivation in the values carried by the team and the challenge that the company represents. During his free-time, he likes snowboarding and he will enjoy a beer in front of a game (but you will have to ask our bierologist for the technical part of the drink!)
Aurélien Meunier, art director
Elsa Berry, Chief communication officer
Charlotte Parrain, product manager
Oualid Jouhri, developer
Quentin Ritz, communications manager
“The happiest man is the one who makes the happiness of a larger number of others.” Quentin is the community manager of the anthill, the social networks’ mazes have no secret for him. He will help you to communicate online on your project, and you may have him on phone. He is motivated by the possibilities offered by crowdfunding and its purpose on Arizuka : solidarity. When Quentin is not behind his computer, he practices breakdance and is attached to its values : Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun.